Our Mission

To inspire others to make a positive change in the world no matter how small.

OlaCoral Team

We can be the change

Simply put, our mission is to make changes in the world. We want many generations after us to enjoy the bounty of our ocean. Whether it is riding your bike, eating less meat, using less single-use plastics, or even utilizing less water in the shower, changes count. Our planet needs us – are you willing to accept that honor?

Our story

The OLACORAL team was founded in 2020 because of our common love for the ocean and the animals that exist within it. Our founder has been to Belize and seen first hand the damage the lionfish are doing to our reefs. So in 2020, he founded the company along with several other entrepreneurs to help bring awareness about the less known invasive species of the world and educate the people about lionfish and how we can protect our reefs. Through the sale of our bracelet, you are helping this dream become a reality and you are supporting the reefs!

Our Team