The invasive,
lion fish.

Lionfish are naturally supposed to be in caribbeans? No!

Lionfish were brought over to caribbeans from the indio-pacfic no one knows for sure how but there is one conclusion most scientists have come to. Which is that people had lionfish as pets but released into the ocean causing this disaster. In the end all we can do is try to protect our native fish from them before they eat them all!

Myths of Lion Fish

Lionfish are Deadly

Although they are venomous, a sting from a lionfish will not lead to death – but, you will be in pain... a lot of it!

You Cannot Eat Lionfish

Contrary to popular belief, lionfish are actually very delicious. They are becoming more of a delicacy within the US as restaurants utilize it more.

Lionfish Cause no Harm

Lionfish can produce over 50,000  eggs. Every three days.. They can decimate a coral reef of its natural species causing algae build up.

So what are we doing about this issue?

Our team in Belize is working with local Belizean workers to capture lionfish. Due to their lethargic style and lack of attention towards traditional fishing methods, the best way to catch this species is through spearfishing.

We are working diligently with our local contractors to help maintain the exponential growth of lionfish within the Caribbean. The more fish we remove, the better as it is only going to help the reef!

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