Our Reefs Are Dying

By 2050:

90% of our reefs will be DEAD

Why does this matter?

They produce over half of the oxygen to Earth

They take in over 1/3 carbon dioxide on Earth

They house thousands of species that rely on the reefs

The DON'TS of Coral

DON'T Touch Coral

Coral is not meant to be played with. Pieces can look dead, but still be alive and well. Leave it to the professionals to deal with.

DON'T Liter

All of our garbage, plastic, etc. finds its way into our oceans. Put your garbage and recyclables in their proper place. 

DON'T Eat Reef Fish

This little guys are responsible for consuming algae off the reef which allows the coral to grow in peace. 

What YOU Can do to Help Coral Reefs

Support Organizations

There are many organizations that are researching new methods on coral growth, cleaning up beaches, pulling plastic from open waters, and everything in-between. Supporting these organizations can be very beneficial for their work and the area that they work in.

Think Sustainably

Every action we do throughout our day has the ability to make a change, no matter how small. Everyone of us can make a difference in this world and treat our Earth with the respect it deserves. We are all in this together so let's all chip in together as one!

Live For The Future

Whether you have been to the ocean or not, we know how beautiful the blue water is. We want our ocean to be enjoyed and sustained for many generations to come. Understand that actions today will inevitably affect our future selves and our future status of Earth. Be kind today.

Our Coral Partners