Give our Earth its
Lungs Back.

100% Ocean Focused

We take an invasive species that ruins coral reefs and turn it into a solution. Castawave is much more than a bracelet. It is a way to create oxygen. Each piece of jewelry is crafted by Belizean artisans utilizing lionfish fins. Lionfish are detrimental to coral reefs. Castawave is the combatant to this disaster and will plant coral with each bracelet purchase. Join us today in the movement to take back our ocean.

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Get that gift that gives more than all year round. Custom artisan bracelets each month.

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Coral Hub

Feel like doing even more? Bracelets are cool, but so is even more oxygen and a better ecosystem. Plant some coral and donate to a bigger cause than us. 

Lil Coral

1 Coral Planted


Lil More Coral

3 Corals Planted


Medium Amount

5 Corals Planted


Decent Amount

10 Corals Planted


A Lot

15 Corals Planted


A Boat Load

20 Corals Planted